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Method Statements

A method statement is, fundamentally, a written safe system of work, or series of safe systems of work.

Method Statements are agreed between:

  • a client and principal contractor; or
  • a principal contractor and contractor,

and are produced where work with a foreseeable high hazard content is to be undertaken.

A method statement will specify the activities to be undertaken on a stage-by-stage basis and the precautions necessary to protect site operators, the client’s employees and members of the public who could be affected by site activities. In certain cases, method statements may be produced and agreed between a client and principal contractor for a range of high risk activities prior to commencement of work.

We have analysed specific working processes and written generic method

statements for your work to reduce the risks involved.

This will enable you to comply with the needs of your clients and current health and safety regulations, to complete your works.

As part of your method statement preparation, we can also develop the necessary risk assessments and COSHH assessments and present the whole document.


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